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Clifton Family Dental has associated with National Dental Plan to make the highest quality dental treatment more accessible to our patients. With NDP you could start up to $9,000 in treatments today and spread the cost over easy to manage fortnightly payments, best of all, you pay No Interest Ever!

National Dental Plan (NDP) is Australia's only No Interest Ever! dental payment plan.

  • Start Treatment Now
  • Pay Over Time
  • No Interest Ever!

Simple application process
NDP's application process is simple and efficient and only takes a few minutes to complete at reception. Patients need a bank account or credit card that can be debited from and must meet basic criteria:

  • 18+ yrs. Australian citizen, permanent resident with driver’s license
  • Employed/self-employed 30+ hrs or an Aged/Veterans pensioner

Low Patient Fees
Patients pay an establishment fee to set up the account, fortnightly payment processing fees, and a monthly account keeping fee. The establishment fee and payment processing fee are spread over the term of the payment plan.

  • Once off establishment fee of $70
  • Fortnightly Payment Processing $2.95 + Monthly Account Keeping $3.50
  • Make additional payments or pay their plan out early with no payout fees.

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