Comprehensive Oral Examination Clifton Beach

Are you due for your dental check-up and clean? When was the last time you visited a dentist for a comprehensive oral examination?

At Clifton Family Dental, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure and will cost you less in long run.

While it is essential that you brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, there might still be some hidden plaque that may give rise to cavities and other oral diseases. In cases where some periodontal (gum) disease or any other oral disease exists, just brushing and flossing alone will not be able to solve the problem.

Your Dental Care is Much More Than Just Your Oral Health

Maintaining a good standard of oral care through oral therapy right from the beginning is crucial to avoiding gum disease, detecting any signs of oral cavities early, and preventing bone loss. And did you know that your oral health is directly connected to your overall health? Your mouth is usually the point of entry for food and drinks that passes through your digestive tract. If your mouth is already infected, the infection travels through your entire body and mixes with your other body system which may give rise to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, etc.

To help prevent these potential conditions, under our comprehensive oral exam, we offer:

Your Convenience Matters

We are conveniently located at Clifton Village Shopping Centre at shop 11C, right in between Terry White Chemmart and QML Pathology. There is ample parking space so you can book your dental treatment with us with peace of mind. Along with being the preferred provider for major health funds, we also accept CDBS and DVA cards so that you can book your dental check-up and clean appointment with us at no out-of-pocket expense, if you are eligible.


In general, we recommend getting your teeth checked up and professionally cleaned by a dentist or oral health therapist every six months. However, this duration varies as per individual needs and circumstances such as poor oral hygiene, individuals at high risk of caries and gum diseases. To understand what duration gap is suitable for you, why not book your appointment today at Clifton Family Dental?

We believe that a simple procedure like dental check up and clean should not hurt. It can be done virtually painlessly. Our friendly team is known in the area to put our patients at ease during their entire treatment.

Yes, if your child is eligible for CDBS benefits or if you hold a DVA card that makes you eligible for dental services, we offer no-gap comprehensive check-up and clean service.

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      Please fill in the details below and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch with you shortly.