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HICAPS is an acronym for the Health Industry Claims and Payments Service- an electronic health claims and payments system that allows Australians to claim Medicare, and private health insurance benefits when they make a payment for a health service.

HICAPS allows registered healthcare providers to process these claims instantly, so you can receive your entitled benefit on the day of the treatment, rather than being out of pocket until your claim has been assessed and paid manually.

National Dental Plan

National Dental Plan (NDP) is Australia’s only no interest ever dental payment plan, allowing patients to borrow up to $12,000 interest free for their dental treatment, ensuring the practice gets paid upfront.


Afterpay is a payment plan that permits you to receive dental services, and make the payments later in 4 equal instalments, paid every 2 weeks, without interest.

You can book an appointment, receive high quality dental treatment, and pay later in instalments without any additional fees or interest.